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Global Quality Control for UK Buyers

Global Quality Control for UK Buyers

Goodada has been inspecting Products for British Buyers across the World since 2004

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British Cargo Insurance

British Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers all possible risks for the full value of the goods, which can include shipping costs, duties and insurance costs.

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Assisting British Business Go Global

Assisting British Business Go Global

We can help promote your products into new International Markets

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Home Get Top Sterling Exchange Rates

Get Top Sterling Exchange Rates

Changing £GBP into other Currencies?



Why use Goodada International Payments

     Lower Banking fees compared to British Banks

   Better exchange rates

  24/7 customer support

   Top accounting software add-ons




International Payments

If you need to send money from one country to another, our team can process this payment for you faster than using the bank. Using our global bank account network we simply collect funds in one country and pay out of our bank account in another, thereby cutting down on bank fees and speeding up payments.

International Receivables

If you need to receive payment from an overseas payee, simply login and process your payment request using our 24 hour online system. Your business will receive payment faster than using the bank and without the usual bank charges. Again by using our global bank account network you receive more money and faster.

Currency Conversion

If you have funds in one currency and would simply like to exchange those funds into another currency, we can secure better exchange rates for you saving your money every time. Often clients will have multi currency bank accounts and will seek to secure better exchange rates transferring funds between them using our service.

Flexible Spot Contract

If you need to lock in exchange rates for a period of time, say 6 months, our team can do this for you. For business, it is important to take a view on what way key currencies are moving or likely to move as it will have an effect on pricing and margins.

For example your business may import product and fix prices at a 20% margin. A swing of 15% would not be unusual even with major currency pairs like Euro/Gbp, Usd/Aud, Cad/Usd and such a swing can have a serious effect on your margins.

One approach would be to look at how much currency you are likely to require over a period ie UK business paying USD$500,000 over 12 months. One approach might be to lock in exchange rates today for the full amount so that adverse currency movement doesn’t wipe out your margins. Another approach might be to fix todays exchange rates for 50% of your exposure thereby balancing out the risk of full committing to either option.

Currency Orders

It is possible to set a target exchange rate that you would like to convert currency at.

This target rate may not exist today but you may lock this in with our team and once that exchange rate hits, even momentarily, your secure that exchange rates. Imagine for a moment that you are an Irish business and you need to make a large USD payment however it is not urgent. You have watched euro/Usd move from 1.07 to 1.09 today . You may want to place an order for 1.10 so that if it lands over the next 24 hours you secure that exchange rate.ional BB Payments & Foreign Exchan

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you with better and faster foreign exchange services and customer service than that provided by the banks.
Our client base includes Universities, small and medium-sized with regular supplier payments, as well as migrants transferring financial assets, expatriates repatriating funds, and individuals investing overseas.
With lower fees and faster transfers guaranteed, click here and leave a quick message and one of our team will call you back. Click Here to Read more about Business to Business money transfer.....
Our Vision
Our aim at is to provide a simple, courteous and cost-effective service to our clients. As an international foreign exchange specialist, we guarantee to provide you with a faster, cheaper transfer service than your bank.
From private clients making payments overseas to corporate clients with ongoing foreign exchange requirements, we aim to exceed expectations with excellent services and friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Our vision is to be the no.1 independent commercial foreign exchange company in the world.




The Currency Problem

The currency problem creates a risk factor for any company importing and/or exporting. While your product is being shipped, you may be losing profits due to relative changes in currencies against the US dollar or whichever base currency is used in the country you’re in.

Overseas buyers usually pay for imports in their own currency so they know exactly what they are paying, before the intermediary bank converts the funds into the local currency to pay the exporter.


You had calculated that you were to receive GBP £400,000 for a shipment of 10 new automobiles that your company has exported to Germany. However, before your shipment arrives overseas and your buyer is due to take delivery, GBP has weakened against Euro leading to you receiving only GBP £375,000.

On the contrary: Instead of a weakening British Pound, it strengthens against your buyer’s local currency. By the time your stock arrives, the buyer ends up paying more in their own currency to equal the British Pound value which you both initially agreed upon but now they don’t want to accept the delivery and end the sale.

Currency savvy importers and exporters protect their companies from currency fluctuation risks through hedging. All global companies use currency hedging to ensure that profits aren’t being eroded. If you have a small to medium size business, you can hedge too!

Some ways your company can mitigate against the risk of currency fluctuation

Forward Contract

Leading banks offer what’s known as a “currency forward contracts”. This is effectively an agreement to exchange a certain amount of domestic currency for a certain amount of foreign currency at or by a future date. As a buyer, this essentially allows you to fix your exchange rate for an import purchase. Similarly, as a seller, your export sale is made at the live exchange rate, guaranteeing both parties a fixed price for the transaction.

But there’s a better solution, read on….

Our Global Payments offer an alternative better way of mitigating against currency risk, through a Variable Flexible Spot Contract.

Why is it better?

  • Lock in your exchange rates – Certainty improves your cash flow
  • No international wire fees – Simply pay in your local currency
  • No draw down fees – no additional charges or fees for making a draw down
  • Make your drawdowns online – Simplify your transfers, no need to phone in or email





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